Padding the Rail

I placed the Rail on the 10mm PE-Foam, and marked the outline on the foam.

Then a thin layer of "Pattex Compact" glue was applied on both the rail and the PE-Foam, I needed some help here, because the total surface to be covered with glue adds up to about 1 square meter, and with only one person, before I would have covered both surfaces the starting point would be dry already, even though we used unused credit cards to spread the stuff. The glue, spread over 1 sqare meter, creates a nice smell btw.. I had to open the window even though it was winter (and cold).


While the smell slowly faded, I draped the PE-Foam around the inner and outer edge of the rail. I had my share of glue solvent for this day, so I decided to hold the edges in place with duct tape.

Then after the padding was done, it was dinner time. Luckily, the glue smell was almost gone, so we could prepare our meal in the kitchen. Since it was not very comfortable there between foam and wood leftovers and all the dust, I evacuated the dining table to the living room for the rest of the evening.

BTW, all you can see on this pic is IKEA, even the plates and the candles..