Cutting the Wood

What you see here, are the materials of my choice: 25mm Particle Board for the upper rail, 10mm Plywood for the playing surface / lower rail, lots of screws and glue, soft 10mm foam for the playing surface, 10 mm PE-Foam (stronger) for the Rail.
The Particle Board was ordered in small pieces of 300x300mm for the corners, and 100mm wide pieces for the straight parts of the rail. This saved some money, and, more important, a few centimeters to cut.

Since I wanted to be able to replace the playing surface cloth when necessary, I bought T-Nuts for fastening the rail to the playing surface.

The wirst step was to place the Particle Board on the Plywood, and to draw lines where the cuts had to be made. I wished I had a proper tool for drawing the corners (200 inner and 300mm outer Radius, the rail itself is 100mm wide) but a ruler had to make do.

The same was done with the base board, the lower rail part that had to be cut from this board was 50mm wide.

I had to be careful with the jigsaw not to cut into my dining table, which served as a workbench. This table, btw, is the IKEA Norden table, the basement for my poker table.

Since I don't have a garage and it was winter I did all the work in my kitchen, which was not a good idea. The jigsaw, though connected to my vakuum cleaner, sprayed dust all over the room..

The cutting of the plywood.

For the inner cut, I made three small drills with a 3mm drill, which is just a little wider than the jigsaw blade.

After the cutting work was done, the rail and the table were marked on both ends: N(orth) and S(outh), to assure I don't try to mount the pieces the wrong way around.

After the cutting I put all the pieces together, just to make sure they fitted properly (which they did)